Friday, December 14, 2007

Letter Pop

If you haven't tried Letter Pop you should do so. Someone asked me to make up some samples for a magazine article and I thought I might post one here. It is a quick creative way to make a newsletter of flyer that looks very profession. You could even use it for your Christmas letter!! You can share it with others or email to a group. You can have a group of 25 with the "free" plan. Try it--it might come in handy.

PS. I was contacted by Kathy Ishizuka, Technology Editor, School Library Journal to do some mockups using Letter Pop. My sample is published in the latest edition.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on! While I teach secondary students, I think I can find a way to use this in my classes. Had fun exploring it and that's a true indicator to how much my students might groove it, as well. Thanks for sharing this find! To reciprocate, I often review other pieces of webware at my blog
on all things web 2.0 - hoping to share all good finds with like minds. :)