Friday, April 09, 2010

Cleaning Out File Cabinets Part I: Bosch Indicators of Giftedness

I am getting ready to retire so I'm cleaning out file cabinets and computer files. I found this list and it made me laugh. Wanna add any?

Bosch’s Indicators of Cognitive Giftedness

1.The student knows all the dinosaur names as a kindergarten
2.The student’s favorite movies will be Monty Python movies.
3.The student will “get” all your jokes even if no one else laughs.
4.The student will look like they are not paying attention but every time you call on them they will know the answer.
5.When ask to name things that fly will respond “Time…(pause) but only when you’re having fun”.
6.When asked what would happen if scissors had never been invented would respond…”Well, you know how you have those little scissors on your computer screen? Well you wouldn’t be able to cut and paste.”
7.When asked what would happen if there was no air transportation would respond…”I just have two words for your…organ transplant. You wouldn’t be able to do organ transplants because you couldn’t get the organs to the right people fast enough.”
8.The student will read J.R.R. Tolkien as a third grader and will also love mathematics. (Early and high ability readers will not always be cognitively gifted, some are just that—early and high ability readers. If they don’t have math abilities they probably will not score in the 99%ile.)
9.The student prefers science fiction and fantasy genres.
10.The student watches the evening news, Discovery Channel, History Channel.
11.One or both parents have postgraduate and/or professional degrees.
12.The student takes less for granted, seeking the 'hows" and "whys" and may drive the classroom teacher crazy asking questions and wanting in-depth explanations.
13.The student prefers to work alone and is not a good “cooperative learner”.
14.The student is a fluent and abstract thinker, able to produce a large quantity of possibilities, consequences, or related ideas and may actually never get anything done!!
15.The student’s response to a classroom question will at first seem wrong. You’ll wake up in the middle of the night and say to yourself…;”Damn, he was right!”


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