Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Freedom Writers and the Ron Clark Story

I read two blog posts showing disdain for teacher movies, Freedom Writer and Ron Clark Story in particular. I agreed with the bloggers, these movies depict teachers who are super human and work unrealistically hard--forsaking family friends and even personal health. But I see things differently, I like teacher movies---I think the viewer should be encouraged at how well they themselves are doing without neglecting other parts of their lives. I look at Erin Gurwell and Ron Clark as examples of teachers who chose to spend 100% of their time for their students, but I do a heck of a good job with my students working 40-50 hours a week. I raised 3 sons to adulthood, maintained a 36 year marriage, and put a hot meal on the table each evening while my kids were home. I swim, walk, go to the gym and read. I have a good life and am a good teacher.

I am sad that Erin didn't stay in the classroon but Ron Clark still works with kids.....

It is what it is--we do the best we can.

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AttorneyMom said...

Having just finished Erin G's "Teach from the Heart", I too, find myself saddened to hear that she is no longer in the classroom.

As an aspiring teacher, I read/watch some of these movies with trepidation, wondering if I have enough of what it takes to be an effective teacher and also wondering whether these extraordinary characteristics lead to premature burnout. The movies seem to imply that one must sacrifice everything to be a good teacher. I'm not extraordinary, just someone who works hard and with purpose. Its refreshing to hear someone with a similar viewpoint.