Sunday, September 21, 2008

Google Lit Trips

Have you ever seen this site? I am very picky about websites these days, after 25 years of looking at the web it takes a lot to make me go "wow"! I like the idea of Google Lit Trips. The site is being developed as part of the Google Certifed Teachers Program. The activities take travel tales, stories, novels, etc and superimpose them on Google Earth. What a cool idea.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that website.

What's really cool is that you can look "under the hood" of those kmz files and see how to do one yourself. I never knew that you could put html code in the description of a placemark in Google Earth until I found that site!

nbosch said...

That is news to me, I haven't used Google Earth as much as I would like. Have you seen Real World Math (using Google Earth)?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing that.

"25 years of looking at the web"? Interesting, since the web's been around for only 16 years.

nbosch said...

OK, you win. It just seems like it's been twenty-five years.