Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wonderful Art 2.0 Sites

There are some amazing art tools, from the Chicago Art Institute you can make your own art portfolio . You can also design your own medievel tapastry here.

Here are other neat art options:
Google Sketchup (download)
Mark Kistler’s Imagination Station
Flash Paint

Here are some neat digital imaging options:
PhotoStory (download)
Mix book
Making Panorama Pictures
Photoshop Express Online
Huge Labs


Barbara said...

Thanks for the links! You might also want to look at ArtSnacks which i am using with y grade 6,7,and 8. It is a wonderful online art community for grade K to 12 with some nice instructional videos ( all free of course).
I also love ArtRage2. The free download is great and you do not need a tablet to use it. I hope to introduce it to the students soon.

nbosch said...

I'm familiar with Art Snack and Art Rage, I'm glad you're adding to the list. I actually haven't had my students use some of these sites. I teach in a gifted program (K-6) and I only have a day a week to be with the kids, I plan my time for optimum work. Sometimes the learning curve is steep on these types of programs so I suggest they visit these sites at home.

Photo said...

Good collection of links... I've been using flauntR for sometime and is amazed at the number of frames those guys have. It's quite an easy way to transform your holiday photos into fun photos. Photos won't get messed up as applying the effects and removing them can be done with a single click. Really cool!

Sandra Foyt said...

Thanks for the fabulous list! I'll add your Art 2.0 list to my resources for digital learning on field trips to art museums.

Nicole said...

This is a fantastic resource! Thank you Nancy ^_^!