Sunday, January 13, 2008

Nancy's Annual Report

Dan Meyer has again come up with a design contest that I tried to ignore. I pleaded with Dan for more time since my big, fast Toshiba loaded with all my software is at the repair shop. It is dead and I need to pay the guy $40.00 to pick it up. I'm stuck with using my husband's little, slow Toshiba. All he uses it for is to monitor the stock market--doesn't need a whole lot of speed. Anyway--I've been thinking about my entry all week and decided (since I was missing Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro) that I'd go back to my old style. I have a love for primary sources and used an old photo in Dan's first contest, "Me In One Slide" I'm trying that again.

I am a wife and mother--children are grown so my "child rearing" days are over. I do have a lawyer-son and a teacher-son and a husband living in my house so I still cook.

I am a teacher, I teach gifted students in a special education pullout program.

Teachers attend a lot of meetings (ZZZZ). Special ed teachers attend a whole lot of meetings.

One of the best parts of my job is writing all the curriculum. There are some skills I've never included in my curriculum writing.

*Knitting image Slide #4, lower left, San Quentin Prison. I think prisons have changed more than classrooms.

Do you think the judges will notice that I have five slides in a four slide contest?

In my classroom students and teachers are technology literate.

All images: Library of Congress Print and Publications Division


Lucas Fox, over at Classroom 2.0, is doing some research which might convince his local school board to allow student blogging. I was suggesting he might use an online survey maker to spruce up his data and wanted to show him some research my students are doing using Wufoo. Here is our survey online.

Monday, January 07, 2008

As Close As I Came to Fame

Kathy Ishizuka, Technology Editor from the School Library Journal asked me to do some mockups of newsletters using Letter Pop. I threw together a couple and she chose one to feature in a little article in the magazine. You can see it here

Saturday, January 05, 2008

What's On Your Bookshelf?

Here is a widget that is probably useless, but it is fun. You can stock your own bookshelf at Shelfari