Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Me: In One Slide

Dan Meyers has a very high stakes contest going on over at his place. I know that bloggers around the world are stewing over the perfect "four slides". I've decided to copy Chris Duke. I bet I can name that tune in one note!!! Oops, wrong contest--here is my slide.

Click HERE to see a bigger image.


H. said...

Wow. How did you do that? Reading the bubbles, I started from the left and somehow felt I was free to read them in any order. Yet my eyes were drawn around the page so that "she's a wonderful teacher" came last, as sort of a punchline. Why?

Anyway, for all kinds of reasons this one convinced me that I should be reading your blog.

The Momindant said...

it's a great slide, but hey, teacher, you didn't follow the assignment parameters: "sell yourself in four (4) picture-only slides." Repeat: four (4). gotta give you a D!

you should know better. shame, shame.

nbosch said...

I was assuming the assignment was open ended--I teach gifted kids, they never follow the rules!!

Leroy's Mom said...

My sister liked your entry better than mine, but, she admits to a knee-jerk empathy for another mother of three boys.

nbosch said...

Leroy's Mom, I'll take any kudos I can get--even if I have to stump for the parent/mother vote! Thanks for stopping by. N.