Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bus Duty

For the last ten years I've done a duty at our school fondly called "bus duty". This job consists of herding cars around the circle drive and offloading kids. There are some things that really bother me and I am not basically a whiner. Here are my Top Five Irritations About Parents Dropping Off Their Kids:

#5 Tardy parents
#4 No seatbelts or child restraint seats
#3 Parents who comb hair, write checks, and sign planners while holding up traffic
#2 Parents who talk on the cellphone while they are dropping off or picking up their kids. These people are not brain surgeons or international stock dealers, can't they wait 5 minutes to chat while they say goodbye to their kids!
#1 Cars that are full of trash, backseats covered with fast food and fast food wrappers. I'd bet their is a direct corrolation between junky cars and disorganized kids!


Darren Draper said...

The only thing better than bus duty is lunch duty. Every day for a month.

Anonymous said...

I remember feeling this way when I had car duty each morning. I especially loved it when stuff fell out and the kid kept walking meaning that I would have to pick it up.

Another one to add: Cars that smoke billowed out of when the door opened. Nothing like being bombarded by smoke while at work at a school...

Anonymous said...

This is a funny task. You must work in a very different world from mine. Kids are dropped off starting around 6 a.m. and the car literally stops in the middle of the street and kid opens the door and slowly gets out. It would never occur to anyone at my school to have a person supervise this chaos. The closer to 8 o'clock, the heavier the traffic on the streets around the school. I try to get to school around 7:10 so I don't have to deal with waiting behind a string of cars dropping their kids.

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